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Mekhitar Appahayr

Mekhitarian colleges, having been places of knowledge and beacons illuminating the Armenian community around the world, are experiencing more difficult times today. Some establishments are closed, others face difficulties in the modern world, trying as best they can to keep their heads above water.

In the Armenian community, the elders of these schools form a community apart. Today it is time to bring them together, as the mekhitarists of Venice and Vienna did, all goodwill, in order to save what can be.

Here the goal is to create a common base of the elders of all these Mekhitarian schools.

Here each open or closed school will have its personal pages, its personal site, where it can express itself freely, broadcast its messages, its photos, share its experiences and its fears. To many we will be stronger, we will not depend on the Mkhitarist fathers, but if we become strong enough, we could be the last bulwark that protects them.

We do not share the same values ​​as the Vatican representative, Mgr LB Zekiyan, Catholic Archbishop of the Armenians of Turkey who works for the safeguarding of the property of the Catholics of Turkey, but also mandated by the Vatican to oversee the Mkhitarist Fathers and sell goods of the congregation, it clearly appears that the profit of its "sales" will go straight into the Vatican coffers, the Mkhitarist fathers will once again be the big losers in these real estate operations, for which Archbishop Zekiyan asked for assistance to two Armenians with a reputation sulfurous.

The Vatican helped the Mkhitarist fathers, it is true, however, it seems to forget the losses of the Mkhitarist congregation in the scandal of the "Vatican bank" scandal.

To do this the Vatican delegate who is not a Mkhitarist, intends to bring together a maximum of former Mkhitarian students around the world and this "without ulterior motives", according to a letter he sent to the elders that he invites to a meeting in Venice then in Vienna to see elsewhere.

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